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Reach out, don't be afraid. I've had that same feeling before: You want to open the feeder lines of communication but you don't know exactly what to say; let me help you. Share an idea with me, shoot me a suggestion, tell me never to wear socks with sandals, or just tell me how improve; I welcome it all. 


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Break the routine looks to advise and guide city dwellers and suburbanites alike to think smart by different about their time and money. My goal is to provide financial wellness education, spare-time management techniques and suggestions for fun and fulfilling free time around the city I love. Through these shared articles, influences, and improved life techniques I hope you create your own plan and act on them immediately. I'm here to help and inspire you. 


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The FinTech Jungle

Eric Roseman

It's a jungle out there for the consumer. In every industry, whether you're hailing a car and have to decide between Uber, Lyft, Hailo, etc. or have to choose between an online brokerage, how do you know what is the best option for you? To complicate matters even further, while the established platforms claw for your attention to switch over (i.e. promotions on Lyft) there is an unrelenting pressure from the new kids on the block to check out their "colorful feathers" and new technological breakthroughs (i.e. Juno offering free rides in Manhattan). 

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Lack of Budgeting

Eric Roseman

I don’t claim to be a guru of financial stability and smart spending but I think I have my head screwed on tight enough in the area to speak on the matter. Most people know how much they make before taxes, have a good understanding of what they receive in their bank account with their weekly/monthly paychecks and know what their big expenses are. I think I can speak for most of us 20 something year olds in New York City when I say that rent eats up a lot of our paychecks. It is certainly helpful to know how much of your after tax income goes to rent (Mine sits at about 35%). After rent is taken care of though, we lose our spending habits into the abyss of temptations and impulses. Some of us have shopping addictions, love partying, dine out way too frequently or have some creative hobby that drains our wallet. With all of these spheres of influences, how do you maintain rigidity in the face of spending pressures? 

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