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Reach out, don't be afraid. I've had that same feeling before: You want to open the feeder lines of communication but you don't know exactly what to say; let me help you. Share an idea with me, shoot me a suggestion, tell me never to wear socks with sandals, or just tell me how improve; I welcome it all. 


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Break the routine looks to advise and guide city dwellers and suburbanites alike to think smart by different about their time and money. My goal is to provide financial wellness education, spare-time management techniques and suggestions for fun and fulfilling free time around the city I love. Through these shared articles, influences, and improved life techniques I hope you create your own plan and act on them immediately. I'm here to help and inspire you. 

Winter Hiatus


Sometimes I'll write about work, other times I'll write about you. Trust that I won't ever write about my time spent on the couch (reserved only for football Sundays).

Winter Hiatus

Eric Roseman

This is a blatant confession of winter laziness. I thought I was stronger than teen highs and negative wind chills but I was wrong. I'm the naive guy who thinks he can brave the cold by throwing on the exact layers as he would on a crisp fall day and says, "I can handle the cold for my three walk block to the subway right?" My hands turn pink, my ears, left uncovered, start to tingle and I curse myself for my repeated mistakes. My grandma would jump on me for that!  We all like to complain about the weather, frankly its the way we New Yorkers bond in the days between New Years and Saint Patty's, it's how we cope. Like many other people, the cold throws me off my momentum. I can't just grab a book bag and a bike and disappear for 12 hours on a Saturday. The cold forces preparation, plans, check points and increased uber rates. So now that I have nothing but time on my hands as I dwell on gogo inflight headed to Seattle, it's time to reflect. 

First question I want you to answer is, are you still sticking with your new years resolution? This is about the time of year that 99% of New Years Resolutions have already crumbled and become a thing of the past, a whimsical notion of the euphoric holiday times. Mine was to go the extra mile and get out of bed in the morning no matter what and get to that early morning workout. Sadly, I take one look at my air conditioner as its exposed outsides are frozen over and I opt for my 600-thread count sheets. So what redeeming activities have I been doing instead? 

I left the familiar and started from scratch. I've put in an extraordinary amount of mental effort to play catchup in a new job, understand a new client type and assimilate to a new environment (hence my absence in writing). I started working for this sweet tech startup called Floored. We work with real estate developers to bring to life their vision and give them an opportunity to create a virtual 3D world where their property exists in its finished capacity. I'm on my way to Seattle to pitch that vision to a host of real estate developers.  We do fun things over at Floored though: We play ping pong, we use virtual reality head sets to walk around large scale properties like the Hudson Yards, we order in a ton of Mediterranean food, we use slack (startup check), and we have a keg of iced coffee concentrate on tap - it'll tweak you out. It's a close knit group and it feels like a community all working to make something grandoise come to life. We even do our dishes, as if we lived on a kibbutz: 


Next week I have another challenge coming my way as I undergo a Crohns related surgery. It should be a relatively small procedure but I'll be out of commission for some time and hope to revisit my passion for writing while bed-bound at Mount Sinai and then recovering in Philadelphia.  More to come!