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Break the routine looks to advise and guide city dwellers and suburbanites alike to think smart by different about their time and money. My goal is to provide financial wellness education, spare-time management techniques and suggestions for fun and fulfilling free time around the city I love. Through these shared articles, influences, and improved life techniques I hope you create your own plan and act on them immediately. I'm here to help and inspire you. 

Travel Radar


Sometimes I'll write about work, other times I'll write about you. Trust that I won't ever write about my time spent on the couch (reserved only for football Sundays).

Travel Radar

Eric Roseman

Can't a boy dream? We all sit at our desks daydreaming about traveling the world, reading hedonistic responses and blog posts about finding yourself and exploring the unknown through travel. The sad reality is that many of us don't have the opportunity to jetset away from our jobs and take an extended break from our routines. I know there is a competing narrative that is preached by many professional travelers that says that budget/time/responsibilities shouldn't hinder a chance to discover yourself through travel. Recently, I have taken an interest in travelers and travel hacking to be specific and studying their mentalities. Before I touch on the hacking portion, I want to share what is currently on my travel radar.

1. Steamboat Springs: This is more of a family trip but my parents want to take me with them around Christmas time to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. This should be your run-of-the-mill five day vacation on the slopes with early alarm clocks and sore muscles after the last run of the day. While skiing is enjoyable, I often times feel that I need a vacation to rest after a long ski vacation.  Take a peak at a hyperlocal blog from a Steamboat Springs family

2. I have been thinking about taking a west coast bound vacation for quite some time now. I have already seen and experienced much of LA (did Vegas with my friends) and don't feel the need to tour the coast itself just yet. A few cities that have struck a chord in my head have been Seattle, Portland and San Francisco. The time of year is not ideal for any of these locations as it seems they are best enjoyed in the spring and summer due to the outdoorsy culture but I am keeping it on my radar for next year. Portland is the one I have my mind set on most. Check out this cool 12 hour guide to Portland. 

Just watch the show'll get it.

Just watch the show'll get it.

3. Patagonia! This idea was brought to me by my friend Alisha while discussing on a bus ride a few weekends ago. Her and her friend traveled the area, stayed in Barioloche and hiked for a week on a strenuous trail laid out by a program called Frey to Jakob. The pictures she showed me reaffirmed her opinions of the beauty. Photo cred to Alisha Siegel. 

My time frame for when this trip would occur is incredibly unknown but I'm starting to develop the mindset and plan for how I would go about the trip. I have decided that this would be my first trip alone and I will not take it while working full time but rather in between jobs. This would be my ideal transition time vacation. The trip and the mentality has a very existential feel to it already, I can feel the intensity radiating from the possibility of this happening. 

Further away on the radar

4. Peru. My roommate Sam proposed the idea a few months ago and was aiming for this past August. As you can tell by the lack of Machu Picchu on my facebook wall, the trip never materialized. While I believe it is a destination that I should see at some point in my life, it doesn't jump out at me as a muust-do experience immediately. If the opportunity presents itself next August, I could see myself taking the chance to go with Sam. 

Travel Hacking

As I mentioned before, travel hacking is an art. Specialty hackers and advisors like Anoop teach ways to maneuver credit cards and maximize points to travel for free.  I haven't dedicated the appropriate amount of time toward learning this yet but it is certainly on my agenda. I want to first better my understanding of the credit score algorithm before I go forward and open up superfluous lines of credit to book free travel. I'm looking toward guys like Chris Guilbeau and sites like Points Guy for some guidance. Follow Chris on Instagram

Here's a pretty cool story from a "hack" :  Goodbye Comfort Zone - follow Marv and Jo at @Intrepidmotion as they continue their travels to southeast asia. 

AS FOR ME, I need to keep working hard, saving my money so I can travel freely when the time is right. Where to next?