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Paintball at Skirmish


Sometimes I'll write about work, other times I'll write about you. Trust that I won't ever write about my time spent on the couch (reserved only for football Sundays).

Paintball at Skirmish

Eric Roseman

I followed my $8 cab fare up with a quick stroll into Iggy’s irish pub. I’m not one to saunter into a pub alone, especially at late hours of the night, but I was craving target practice on live venison. I donned my ID to the bouncer to verify my age and then walked straight to the back and picked up my weapon. I slid two dollars into the cash receiver of Buck Hunter and proceeded to shoot on-screen options to get to the first hunting session. Holding my rifle under my arm-pit, I meticulously studied the terrain to determine who were my sworn targets, bulls, and who were my friends, cows. Despite a few casualties of innocent calves, I knocked out quite a few bulls. I felt my aim was ready to take on 3D victims instead of virtual graphics. 

I woke up at 7:30, shook off the cobwebs of a brief 4 hour sleep, grabbed my pack and darted out the door. I took the F train up to Bryant park and began my walk westward. I got about half an avenue before my anxiety of tardiness kicked in. I grabbed a cab and had the driver drive me from 6th avenue to 11th. I stopped at Gotham market to grab a quick Blue Bottle shot of espresso before greeting Kyle and Alisha, my fellow tour guides. We introduced ourselves to the bus driver and then greeted the individuals of the group as they trickled toward the bus. By 9:12 we had a packed bus load and we were off to Scranton, PA. 

The ride up to Skirmish Paintball was painless. Kyle did all of the introductions and talking while Alisha and I aided in any announcements by smiling and nodding. We popped in Casino Royale and by the end of our two hour ride, there was a total of 4 awake passengers. Once we arrived at Skirmish, everyone grabbed their camo suits, their vests, ammo belt and we headed up to the artillery hotspot. We then grabbed masks and guns and then filled our N2 tanks up with air. After a brief safety and rules discussion we were directed to our first course.

Broken up into two teams, red and white, our group of 40 took the field and let the shots fly. The first course was amongst the trees. I took the outskirts of the course and found my niche behind a bundle of crates. I was under immense fire the whole time but due to technicalities, I was not eliminated because the shots splattered on me by ricochet.  I knocked off about 5 opponents before catching a shot in the left shoulder, a fully padded area. Despite not feeling the pain of the shot, Alisha on the other hand caught a pellet to the thigh and dropped like a log. Under a whaling cry for help and an unflattering roll on the ground, she made her way out of bounds, down but not defeated. Our team won that first round, only to go winless for the rest of the day.

The next course we played was Tippman City. The course was made of wooden shacks and houses to impersonate a real city. The names of the shacks were “Bank” , “Saloon” and other generic nomenclature to suggest a thriving civilization. This game was of course, capture the flag. I borrowed myself upstairs of one of the houses and rained fire down on the rest of the field. I picked off a few people before getting sniped in the hand, arm and elbow. I finally felt the pain of paintball. 

The next game at Tippman city, I tried to be a hero. I ran right for the flag once they blew the whistle and within 20 seconds I was hit in every place on my body. I threw my hands up to signal elimination but the opposition relentlessly belted me as I walked off the course. After three games we took our break for lunch; the rain made for some slick burgers and dogs. The rain only added to the ambiance.

We played three more games after lunch with the final game hosted at Empire Castle. The castle was a massive free for all. Considering this was the last game of the day everyone had the same thought in mind, use every bullet and don’t stop firing until the final whistle. Right at the onset I made a dart for the barracks and hid behind one stationed on the boundary. I hid in there with my gun point sticking out of the lone hole. One by one I picked off the enemies as they came around corners and trees. I nailed them unexpectedly every time until all of a sudden someone crept up right behind me and POP POP POP! I was totally blindsided. It hurt like a M*****F***ER. The castle game was a total blast until the final whistle where we discovered some serious confusion. It turned out that there were two flags in the game. Both teams held an identical flag thinking they had won the game. After some accusations flying about “cheating” we all walked off the field and forgot about it. After all, the point of paintball is not about who wins the game but how many people you shoot and the stories that come with it! 

We made our way back to the bus, everyone fully drenched and exhausted. We boarded the bus and returned to the city. The whole trip ran without any hiccups or confusions. Can’t thank Kyle, Alisha and an amazing group enough for such an awesome day on the paintball field. I hope to lead another trip soon. Sourced Adventures does it right!