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Break the routine looks to advise and guide city dwellers and suburbanites alike to think smart by different about their time and money. My goal is to provide financial wellness education, spare-time management techniques and suggestions for fun and fulfilling free time around the city I love. Through these shared articles, influences, and improved life techniques I hope you create your own plan and act on them immediately. I'm here to help and inspire you. 

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Sometimes I'll write about work, other times I'll write about you. Trust that I won't ever write about my time spent on the couch (reserved only for football Sundays).

Group Up

Eric Roseman

 Why would someone actively run around the city chasing the latest and greatest fitness programs when you have a bulletproof gym membership? The answer is obvious, freedom to try new workouts and create an additional network of new people with common interests. That is ClassPass's mission and I set out to make the most of it when I signed up two weeks ago. To address the financial commitment of the program, one must look at a simple breakeven ratio. The majority of the classes retail between $15-$35.  Considering the membership has no limit on the number of classes you can sign up for, at a minimum, you would have to attend 7 classes in the month to make the $99/month worth the money. If you are a routine exerciser, like myself, then you likely would not sign up for ClassPass and skip class so the chances are high that you would see the value.  My objective, and many others that I've met in the programs,  in joining ClassPass was to try out different fitness routines and see what I like best. The other, more of a by-product, is to meet like-minded people and build a network. I can already start to see some of that forming. I want to share with you my experiences in my first two weeks of the pass:

1.  Complete Body XT - This happens to be my main gym and the class that was offered is a premium to the regular membership. I got in there at 7am and the instructor put us through circuit training for a full hour. My only peer interaction was held near the water fountain when someone made a comment about how difficult the rowing portion of the class which point I nodded my head in exhaustion and couldn't respond.

2. CKO Kickboxing in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. I used this class as a wake-me-up on Saturday morning. After being out the night before, I woke up and rode my bike across the Manhattan bridge and into Brooklyn. The owner, Kim, was super friendly and got me equipped with the necessary gloves and gave me a tutorial of the moves. The class was a nice mix of guys and girls and I didn't meet anyone new because I was too distracted upper-cutting my punching bag. Well worth it to check out this place.   

3. Murray Hill Boot Camp- I took this class after a long day at the office and I was expecting a nice air conditioned gym or something similar. Instead, we set up shop right outside the Rivergate apartment complex on 35th and 1st (way out in the boonies!). The class was run by Osazee Omokaro. He's a former Uconn basketball player. The bootcamp incorporated a lot resistance and I found myself talking to Osazee a lot about his encounters with Rudy Gay. I spent a solid 25 minutes chastising Gay's NBA game. 

4. Bikram Yoga Lower East Side - I got a bit ambitious with this one! I booked a 7am class after doing a vigorous lift the night before. I woke up at 6:30 for the class, put both feet on my bed-side carpet and retreated under covers. Missed class = $20. I'm a big fan of the monetary negative feedback in the program. Very Pavlok oriented. 

5. The Academy @ Brick Crossfit - This is one SERIOUS crossfit gym. The ClassPass listing was a bit misleading because I thought I would be getting placed into an experienced crossfit session but I was misled. The Academy is the training period (the indoctrination session if you will) to get you ready to take on the real crossfit classes. We learned a few specialty moves and spent most of the time doing pullups, pushups and double rope jumps. I was not the only ClassPasser who was thrown off by the listing. The owner of the gym, Heidi, was nice enough to give me a free pass to one of the real classes though ($35 value), so that's a win in my book. 

6. Aqua Fitness - I ventured up to Tribeca from Battery Place to catch this unique class. I personally do not enjoy spinning (because I like biking outside and seeing things rather than staring at a wall) but I had to give this concept a try. The class was 45 minutes of intense underwater cycling. I met a couple guys in the class who work in similar industries and after the  workout we ended up sharing a few ideas in the wealth management space and talking about some other digital marketing startups. I highly recommend this class, it's something very different!  

To be continued with more Class experiences.